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Hello! I am GENTILITY Marvellous

I began website composition and advancement starting around 2009 and I had the option to created/Design numerous sites for people and Companies.



GENTILITYBASE TECHNOLOGY LIMITED is one of the main website composition Agency in Nigeria, and we are enlisted under the ALLIED MATTERS ACT 2020, Federal Republic Of Nigeria.

The objects for which the Company is established are:
A. To Carry On The Business Of The Development, Sale, Design, Deployment, Provision And Support Of All Kinds Of Software
Solutions Including But Not Limited To Web Design, Software Development, Deployment And Such Other Solutions In
Furtherance Of The Company’s Objectives.
B. To Carry On The Business Of A Digital Marketing Agency And To Provide All Kinds Of Digital Marketing, Creative Content
Creation, Design, Production, Publication Services And Solutions To Individuals, Businesses And Companies.
C. To Carry On The Business Of Providing And Facilitating E-commerce And Online Marketplaces For All Kinds Of Goods
Through Various Forms Of Online Channels Such As Websites, Portals, Applications, Software And Such Other Solutions.
D. To Carry On The Business Of All Kinds Of Computer And Related Services Including But Not Limited To Sale, Distribution,
Supply, Servicing, Support And Repairs Of Computers And To Provide Computer-based Training (Cbt) And Services.
E. To Carry On The Business Of Production And Importing Of Materials Necessary For The Company’s Operations.
F. To Borrow And Raise Money In Such Manner As The Company Shall Think Fit, And In Particular By The Issue Of Debentures
Or Debenture Stock And To Secure The Repayment Of Any Money Borrowed, Raised Or Owing By Mortgage, Charge Or Lien
Upon All Or Any Of The Property Or Assets Of The Company Both Present And Future Including Its Uncalled Capital And
Also By A Similar Mortgage, Charge Or Lien To Secure And Guarantee The Performance By The Company Or Any Other
Person Or Company Of Any Obligation Undertaken By The Company Or Any Other Person Or Company As The Case May Be.
G. To Purchase Or Otherwise Acquire Land, Houses, Offices, Buildings And Premises For The Purpose Of Such Trade Or
H. To Do All Such Other Things As May Be Considered Incidental Or Conducive To The Attainment Of The Above Objects Or
Any Of Them.


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